Main Hall

Air conditioning and open fireplace

Raised Stage

Chairs and tables for 120 people

Two small meeting rooms with whiteboards

Chapel with sliding partition for separation from hall

Audio visual system including:

  • 16 channel digital stage box installation with wireless access point or ethernet for remote operation

  • 3 wired mics with stands

  • wireless handheld and lapel mics($30 fee per stay each)

  • Ceiling mounted projector($30 fee per day) with large 16:10 drop-down screen

  • HDMI, VGA and 3.5mm audio inputs at sound desk for laptop/media player etc.

  • TV/DVD/Bluray station on wheels with HDMI input

Whiteboard on wheels

Covered verandah with seating and tables

Recreation Room

a large free standing building for the purpose of indoor activities and meetings.

Pool table

Table tennis

50 chairs

Lounge area

Audio visual system(key required) including:

  • Smart board with HD projector and speakers

  • HDMI, VGA, USB and 3.5mm audio inputs for laptop/media player etc.


Extensive grass areas

Bench style seating areas

Children’s playground

Large enclosed Springfree trampoline

Campfire pit (conditions apply)

Volleyball court

Half basketball court